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Pensionable service refers to the time that you have made contributions to the TPP. It is the number of years you have earned (accrued) for pension calculation purposes. It is equal to the number of years you worked and made pension contributions (unless you worked part-time, in which case it would be pro-rated accordingly).

How is pensionable service credited?

In determining your accrued pensionable service, the number of days worked in a year are converted to a percentage of one school year.

If you work 175 days or more in a school year you are given credit for a full year (195 days) of pensionable service.

If you work less than 175 days, your pensionable service is calculated as a percentage of 195 for a full school year. For example, if you worked 100 days in one school year, your pensionable service would be calculated as follows:

100/195 = 0.513
You would receive 0.513 years credited for pensionable service

Note: You also receive credit for number of months worked. For example, if you worked full time for 26 years and 6 months, you would receive credit for 26.5 years of pensionable service.

Your total pensionable service may not be the same as your total years of experience as determined by the provincial Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. For example, if you had teaching service outside the Nova Scotia public school system, it may have been counted for experience purposes. It would only be considered pensionable service if it were recognized under the pension plan and if the appropriate contributions (either through purchase or transfer) were paid in to the pension fund.

If you work for Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)

Your pensionable service is based on the percentage of the year you work. For every 4 days you work, you receive 3 days credited towards the 195 days. For example: If you work 200 days, you would receive credit for 150 of the 195 days, or 0.769 years. If you worked 240 days, that would convert to 180 days of the 195 and you would receive credit for the full school year.

To find out how much pensionable service you have accumulated, you can refer to your most current Annual Member Statement or log on to the My Retirement Plan website.