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My Retirement Plan

My Retirement Plan offers active plan members secure access to their personalized pension information online. Members can:

  • View their Annual Member Statement;
  • Use the Pension Projection Tool; and
  • View helpful retirement and financial planning resources.


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What if I postpone my retirement?

If you are employed after the normal retirement date (i.e. age 65) you must contribute to the pension fund until the termination of that employment or until you reach age 71, whichever occurs first. Payment of a service pension must commence no later than December 31 of the year in which the employment terminates or you  attains age 71.

Must I apply for my pension?

Yes, one of the most important things to remember about your pension is that you must apply for it. It is not paid automatically upon retirement. It takes at least one month to put a pension into pay, so apply early - three months in advance if possible.

What deductions are made from my pension?

Income tax is the only mandatory deduction from your pension. The amount is based on the TD1 Canada Revenue Agency Personal Tax Credit Return which you file with us when you retire.

Notification of Pension Benefit Bank Deposit- When do I get one?

You will receive a direct deposit notification statement when you receive your very first pension payment. After that, you will receive one in January of each year. The only other time one will be issued to you is if there is a change in the amount of your benefit. Since you only receive a direct deposit notification statement once a year, it is best to keep that statement in a safe place so that you can refer back to it throughout the year if you need to.

When is my pension payment made?

Payments by electronic direct deposit are made on the third last banking day of every month (including December).

How can I change my direct deposit information?

Each time you change your banking information you must complete a Direct Deposit Form. If you wish, you may contact the Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation and we shall send you a form by fax or mail. Return the form to us along with a void cheque or have your bank complete the form and forward it to us.

What about health care after retirement?

The Province pays the entire cost of health insurance for retired teachers. To continue your health care coverage, you must send the Nova Scotia Teachers' Union Group Insurance Form (see forms page) to Johnson Incorporated.
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